Friday, May 27, 2011

Woohoo! Back in Business!

Just put my hobgoblins back up on Etsy for sale, revamped all their descriptions and slashed the prices a good bit! 
Plus, 2 Pride-appropriate pieces are back up in the shop, and more are soon to come. 

Come check it out!

Questions?  Comments?  Ideas?  Feel free to e-mail me!

It's May, I've finally graduated from college, I've a BA in Studio Art, landed myself on the Dean's List, and now- it's so good to be back!

Love to all my supporters and readers!

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Brightest blessings to all, and deepest thanks and gratitude to everyone who supported me and believed in me during the last year- and all those previously. :)  I am so tremendously grateful to have so many sweet, kind, loving people at my side while I try and make my dreams come true.  I love you all!

And HAPPY NEW YEAR! ^_^  May this be a blessed one for all of us, full of everything we want mixed with everything we need, as well.  May it be a brightly blossoming, joyous year; filled with success, adventure, prosperity, peace, magic, abundance, hope and love!  

Also in latest news:  I bear good tidings!  It seems the Etsy store has garnered 50 shop hearts (i.e. favorite listings), and in keeping w/my promise to have a sale when it reached that point, AV's having another sale! :D  The winter holiday sale may be over, but I'd love to know what you guys want in an AV discount or coupon, this go-around.  Tell me, how do you think AV and its Etsy & ArtFire shops should celebrate this event?  Free shipping with 2 purchases or more?  Or free shipping w/any purchase total beyond a certain point?  Maybe another percentage discount, or 50% off all shipping, in honor of the big five-o?  Habla commico, mis amigos! :D

Lastly, I have a vending opportunity coming up, and I'd love your opinion on that, too:
For all of my bellydancing practitioners and fans in the DC/MD/VA region (as well as beyond), I'm about to start making work for vending @ the "Art of the Belly" Belly Dance Festival, held in MD in March.  My question to you is:  What would you like me to create for you, outside of clothes or fabrics?  I am a burgeoning dancer who is a HUGE fan of the art, and I can make all kinds of stuff; just not the typical fare you see at most belly-vending tables.  As some of you may or may not already know, I do 2-D pieces (drawings, photos), poly-clay doodads, some basic beaded jewelry.. plus, I also just bought a few chargers to decorate- originally for spiritual purposes and wall decor.  But that did make me wonder:  What do you need in the way of good balancing trays?  What makes a good tray for dance use..?  Can I make you something personalized and lovely for dancing with, sil vous plait?  
Lastly, I thought maybe I could also do henna/temporary body art.  Is that something that would fly, do you think..?  

Do you have any druthers?

Many Thanks for Your Input, and a Very Merry, Wonder-Filled, Magickal and Happy New Year to you all!
Renae M.

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