Thursday, December 27, 2012

AV's having a new contest to ring in the new year!  
The contest rules are as easy as pie:  

Vote on your favorite image from AV's newest batch of photos (Snow Daze), and the photo w/the most Likes will become AV's next main image. ^_^  

A winner will be randomly selected from ALL the voters (throughout the album, not just on the winning image), and they'll win a handmade, ice & snow inspired sparkly, made of clear stones & beads from AV! 

Pass the word around, and have fun voting! ♥

Sunday, December 9, 2012

So.. this Thursday I'm gonna be performing at the Red Palace, in their DCVariety Open Mic- December Rocks Edition! :D  I am SUPER excited (and admittedly, not a little nervous), as I'm gonna be both dancing AND singing at this HUNORMOUS opportunity. XD  

So, in anticipation of the event (and trying to luuuure people into coming to see the show), I made a thing. :)

I hope you enjoy, and please, feel free to spread it around if you like it! ^_^  Tweet it, Tumbl it, FB it, LJ or WP it, whatever you like.  (And feel free to comment on the video page as well, if you so desire.)  We need people in the seats, so the more word that goes around about the show, the better! :)

..Besides, this might be one of the last open mic events the Palace ever hosts (though I'm dearly hoping they find another venue soon), so we need YOU to come on out, n' help make this night a truly GREAT one! ^_^

Aaaannyhoo, hope you dig, and that we'll see you there! ♥♥

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