Saturday, February 16, 2013

So Says the Sea

So Says the Sea

I am the mighty storm
I am the rain,
I am the seas that give you life
and the tides that cause you pain.

I am the scream of the gulls o’erhead,
and I am the rocks on the beach.
I am the stars that guide you at night,
And I am the sands that bleach.

No man & no woman can e’er cast me out
or keep me at bay ‘gainst my will,
For I am the oceans that give you all life
And I am the oceans that kill.

I’ll give to and take from you all as I please.
No mercy, no reason, no sense,
and I’ll do it all w/o grief or remorse
Nor heed for your prayers to relent.

So remember this, as you rock on my waves
as you plunder my seas with your trash
I am the waters that give you all life,
And by gods, I can take that life back.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

"A Mermaid Sets the Record Straight"

To all you land-lubbers who do not believe,
We need to have a chat, so come, sit by me.
There seems to be a case of mistaken ID
Concerning myself and the sweet manatee.

My beauty tempts artists and dreamers and poets,
(Alt. line:  "My beauty tempts fisherfolk, sailors and poets!"  -Which do you think is better?)
I am legendary, mystical, and child, don't I know it!
But I keep hearing rumors that make me quite sad,
And comparisons that drive the both of us mad.

I am no dolphin, nor some giant fish!
(Though stuffed with some crab, that last is delish!)
I'm nobody's narwhal, nor porpoise, nor whale
So get your facts straight, 'cause your stories are stale!

While sea cows are lovely and gentle and kind,
We are two different creatures, so keep that in mind!
I may be voluptuous, Zaftig or "big,"
but I am NO sea cow or walrus, you dig??

I know folks on land wish that they could be me,
'Cause I'm magical, fearless, seductive and free,
But these rumors are hateful, so please, let us be!
I have feelings you know (like the dear manatee).

We mermaids are sirens and naiads and such,
We sing songs and steal hearts, and entrance with a touch!
No matter how big or how small we may be,
No mermaid could look like the fair manatee!!

Our faces are different, our bodies, MUCH smaller!
And manatees are so very-very much taller!
Nor do they have hair to comb & adorn,
so tell all your friends! Get on the ol' horn!

Though sailors get lonely, oh yes, that bit's true,
I am an undine- a sea nymph, fae through and through!
So eat some more fruit & put on your glasses
and stop making yourselves sound like such silly asses!

Unless you've been eating some treacherous plants,
or some pixie has got you all wrecked with a trance,
Even the drunkenest sailor can see,
that I am a MERMAID, and no manatee!!

So tell all your friends & keep it in mind,
That we sea-folk can hear you, when you are unkind,
No matter what size or what shape, it is true,
All creatures are beautiful, and we have hearts too.

--Written By Ylluria Voxx, February 6, 2013

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mermaid Poetry Contest!!

Arright, since it seems the "Snow Daze" image contest didn't go over, I've got a NEW challenge for you!  In honor of something I'm dreaming up, I'm looking for a semi-serious, SIZE POSITIVE poem from a mermaid's point of view, elucidating the differences between a fluffy, zaftig mermaid, and those other darlings of the ocean waves- the manatee. :)

I'm NOT looking for ANYTHING derogatory, negative, mean-spirited or cruel.  No fat-shaming of ANY KIND will be tolerated here, and anything even resembling such will be promptly deleted and will be taken immediately out of the running.

However, what I -am- looking for is a friendly, warmhearted piece (w/a little cheek, if you choose), about a mermaid who is just SICK of all the "rational" (read; silly human) explanations for merfolk. (You know, all theories suggesting that people merely saw manatees, whales, dolphins or other marine mammals, & somehow mistook for mermaids... o.O  *rolls eyes*  I mean c'mon, does a manatee, dolphin or seal look ANYTHING like a humanoid to you...?  No.  Me neither!  I can tell that- and I'm nearsighted!!  *lol*)

SO, the contest will go until the end of February, and on March 1st, the person who submits the best poem will be announced. ^_^ The winner will receive an ORIGINAL, BRAND NEW mermaid drawing by yours truly, as well as a brand new, mermaid-inspired necklace!!  Plus, our second place poem will be awarded a brand new, mermaid-themed bracelet!

So, submit your poems here, and let's see what you've got!


Friday, February 1, 2013


What's your favorite incarnation..?

Original Scan  (Hand-developed film, hand-developed print.)

Slightly cleaned up w/reduced contrast.

High contrast.

High contrast w/sepia toning.

The very first image is a raw scan taken straight from the hand-developed print, which was made using hand-developed film, all shot, developed & printed by yours truly- maaaaany many moons ago.   (About 2001.)  The rest of the images are variations created today after scanning, using Windows Live Photo Gallery.  What do y'all think..?  Which version do you prefer..?


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