Saturday, February 16, 2013

So Says the Sea

So Says the Sea

I am the mighty storm
I am the rain,
I am the seas that give you life
and the tides that cause you pain.

I am the scream of the gulls o’erhead,
and I am the rocks on the beach.
I am the stars that guide you at night,
And I am the sands that bleach.

No man & no woman can e’er cast me out
or keep me at bay ‘gainst my will,
For I am the oceans that give you all life
And I am the oceans that kill.

I’ll give to and take from you all as I please.
No mercy, no reason, no sense,
and I’ll do it all w/o grief or remorse
Nor heed for your prayers to relent.

So remember this, as you rock on my waves
as you plunder my seas with your trash
I am the waters that give you all life,
And by gods, I can take that life back.

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