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Welcome to the BlogSpot home of Alternate Visions; the madcap and multi-faceted artistic pursuits of one rather odd, visually impaired little waterling; who creates all kinds of Fine, Fantasy & Dark Art, handmade crafts, beaded jewelry, and much, much more!

This place was designed to keep AV fans up-to-date on what's happening w/AV-related arts, activities and upcoming events, as well as a hub for the many AV pages, features & mentions of AV that have been dusted about the Web.  Here, you'll find AV news, fine, handmade goodies to buy, ideas for new projects, arts-related info and much, much more. Glad you could visit!

Now come on in, get yourself comfortable, and stay a while, won't you?

About the Artist

I'm an avid dreamer, planner of paths, seeker of positive magic, waterbaby to the core- and also happen to be legally blind.  I've a serious passion for music, art, song n' dance, plus I also adore language, fashion, culture, spiritual exploration, folklore, DIY, physical comedy and pretty much everything creative in nature.  I draw, craft, make beaded jewelry, create polymer clay ornaments, horns + other doodads, plus dream of doing lots more!  

I have 1 tattoo, 2 black cats, and my favorite color really IS clear. ;)  Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I seem to be pretty easily entertained.  If I could drench myself in quartz crystal, moonstones, diamonds, sapphires and other icy, watery materials, I would, and if I could keep my hair a silver-white/blue without utterly destroying it, I'd do that too.  :)  Most shiny things totally make make my magpie instincts kick in.. and I've always dreamt of living in either a gorgeously haunted mansion, a wild Hobbit home, or a crystal palace in the sky...  But underwater'd be good too. ;)  To me life is about seeing the magick all around you, and making the magic you want to see real.  Making what should be to what is holds its own, great magick to me.

Professionally, I aim to be a successful singer, performer and visual artist.  I also -adore-bellydance, and enjoy learning about it in all forms.  (But I think my passion lies greatest in exploring the realms of Tribal Fusion and "Tribaret" styles...)  I also plan on singing onstage more regularly, very. very soon.

Faun, Loreena McKennitt, Omnia and many other artists inspire me to sing a unique, wild brand of fusion all my own- that comes straight from the heart.  I enjoy nearly all types of music, but find slightly darker forms most intriguing.  Vocalese (in music like that of Cirque du Soleil, Lisa Gerrard and many others) is also an incredibly interesting exploration of music and heart-form to me.  (It's like singing your soul, without need of words or particular lyrics- and which I find incredible powerful and visceral.)  If you'd like to learn more about my aspirations in music or voiceover experience (I've done a few pieces here n' there), please feel free to contact me. 

Or, if you'd like to discuss my art, seek to make a special order, or need anything else art-related, I also invite you to drop me a line!  I love making characters for games, doing special projects and unique commissions for my amazing clients, so if you've got something in mind, don't hesitate to send me a message. :)

Many Thanks for Visiting, 
Bright Blessings, 
and Be Well!

Renae Marie 
Creatrix, Singer and General Crafter

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