Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Squee! New Pics! ^_^

I just got some pics in from my last show- you remember; the one I did in December at the Red Palace..?  Well as I didn't get any of my own (I figgered it'd look a little narcissistic if I was back in the dressing room, snapping pics of myself ;)), I am SO, SO insanely grateful for Mr. David Schmid, who took these at the gig and was kind enough to send them to me!  Love, love love them!  
Thank you, David!! ^_^  

Hopefully we'll have more soon.  I'm still hoping to wrangle up a few more folks who might have took pics that night. ^_^
Cheers, and thanks again, David!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

How to Use Google Image Search - Nefariously Simple Tips for Tracking Sourceless Goodies Online

Do you know how to use the deeper, darker, more arcane (and awesome) aspects of Google Image Search?  My friend Ian introduced me to its finer properties, and I’m SO grateful he did!!  I’ve been able to track down all KINDS of goodies because of this handy-dandy little trick, and we’re not just talkin’ pics here! :D  From costuming & jewelry to other artists, goodies for purchase and more, (ESPECIALLY on Tumblr- where there is a SLEW of nameless, sourceless images), this tool can be HELLA useful. ^_^

Granted, sometimes it may take a bit of digging, but srsly, it never takes horrendously long to track down an image you love. :)  ..And in the end, it’s ALWAYS worth it- even if the person doesn’t have x on sale, or that DeviantArtist has no other works you like.  At least this way you’ve found the artist, the item, or the troupe, and can keep up w/them in future- and likely a few other similar items/artists/pieces as well!  (As everyone's into grouping stuff nowadays. ;))

SO, for people who don't already know:

How To Track an Image via Google

  1. Copy the URL of whatever image you wanna research. 
  2. Pop over to Google and hit Images at the top of the page. 
  3. Once there, you’ll see a little camera in the search field.  Click that li'l booger.
  4. Paste your chosen image’s URL into the field next to the blue button, once it appears after you click the camera.  (You'll find it at the bottom of the form.)
  5. Click the blue “Search by Image” button, and there you go! :D


  • Uuuusually, one of the links at the top is the place where the item originated. (Not -always,- but this teeeends to be where the best leads for images lurk, at the very least. :)) 
  • Also, finding the largest image file amidst the available image's copies can help one track down the original image as well. (Again, not always, but it helps. :))
  • Lastly; at the bottom, Google often offers a selection of “similar images," where you can find pics w/similar structures or colors.  Sometimes these just turn out to be random images.  But once in a while (if a pic has been spliced/shared enough), this can offer the same pic w/other dimensions, text/captions, etc..  If you’re not having luck w/tracking a certain pic down, this option may help. :)  (Plus- it’s fun to go exploring- even if you find your image and its credits right away! :D  I’ve found a few more pics I like just from playing in the Similar Selections field down there.  ..But then, I'm an art weirdo, so I'm a little skewed.  ;))

There is SOOOO much uncredited pretty around the Net.  Here's hoping that this helps folks track down some of the nameless beauty that floats about online, and that it it can work in reverse- allowing artists to track use of their own works as well. ;D

Now, I'm off to bed. :)  Happy hunting, and g'night, all!


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