Friday, June 22, 2012

Getting Ready for the Blacksburg Summer Solstice Fest!

Hey all!  I hear that my FB window makes it look like the page here just isn't being updated, so I plan on changing that! :)  More pics of my work are soon to come, but for now, I'd like to personally thank Avery (the paper people) for helping me out tonight. ^_^  So saying:

Oh thank HEAVEN for Avery and their new tooblar!!  (And, as odd as it may sound, for being a bit of a pack rat. ;D)  I've had these business card blanks w/me for EONS, and realized tonight that I reeeallyy needed b-cards for tomorrow.  So into the paper box I went, et voila!

I was reticent to install another toolbar onto Word 2010, but man am I glad I did!!  Now thanks to Avery, I was able to format all the data on the cards ALL AT ONCE (taking a HUGE project for the night down in time TREMENDOUSLY), and after a little folding & snapping (which actually was kinda fun :D) I have cute, presentable little temporary business cards!!

Here I come for the Burnt Creative Community Booth tomorrow, and my 2:15 bellydancing gig! XD WooWOOwoo!! ^_^

You're comin' right? They're both at the Blacksburg Summer Solstice Fest, and I know it's gonna be a great time. ^_^
*does a little dance*

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