Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mermaid Poetry Contest!!

Arright, since it seems the "Snow Daze" image contest didn't go over, I've got a NEW challenge for you!  In honor of something I'm dreaming up, I'm looking for a semi-serious, SIZE POSITIVE poem from a mermaid's point of view, elucidating the differences between a fluffy, zaftig mermaid, and those other darlings of the ocean waves- the manatee. :)

I'm NOT looking for ANYTHING derogatory, negative, mean-spirited or cruel.  No fat-shaming of ANY KIND will be tolerated here, and anything even resembling such will be promptly deleted and will be taken immediately out of the running.

However, what I -am- looking for is a friendly, warmhearted piece (w/a little cheek, if you choose), about a mermaid who is just SICK of all the "rational" (read; silly human) explanations for merfolk. (You know, all theories suggesting that people merely saw manatees, whales, dolphins or other marine mammals, & somehow mistook for mermaids... o.O  *rolls eyes*  I mean c'mon, does a manatee, dolphin or seal look ANYTHING like a humanoid to you...?  No.  Me neither!  I can tell that- and I'm nearsighted!!  *lol*)

SO, the contest will go until the end of February, and on March 1st, the person who submits the best poem will be announced. ^_^ The winner will receive an ORIGINAL, BRAND NEW mermaid drawing by yours truly, as well as a brand new, mermaid-inspired necklace!!  Plus, our second place poem will be awarded a brand new, mermaid-themed bracelet!

So, submit your poems here, and let's see what you've got!


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