Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Plus-Size Pride Project

I've recently had the idea to make a photo collage of bigger, beautiful people, and wanted to include.. YOU! ^_^

It's focused on people size 16+, and is all about showing the world that folks in bigger bodies can (and do) love themselves as they are, right now- regardless of their plans (or decisions not) to lose weight.  It's centered on showing the world how beautiful plus-size people can be- in ALL their forms, and that life is for living -TODAY,- as opposed to always looking to another day to live your dreams. :)

All folks have to do to take part is snap a photo of themselves (w/a cell phone, all the way up to having a fancy photoshoot- whatever they like), w/the intent of showing the world that they love & have pride in themselves -right now,- as they are. :)  Then you just send that photo my way, and I'll make it part of a collage, to share w/the world.  It doesn't matter what people share, as long as they're 18+ years of age, and don't show any major scenes of violence, nudity, etc.  It's supposed to be about love and pride at the core, so that should clearly come through in the pics. :)

For example: If you're a mom and have kids, and love.. say.. your arms because they let you hold your little ones, you could share a pic of you hugging your children. :)  Or.. if you're a bellydancer and the dance makes you come alive, share a pic of you in your favorite garb, or.. of you dancing! ^_^  If you're a painter, make your art a part of your photo, or if you're an author, photograph yourself w/your favorite book!  You can also just deck yourself out in whatever you choose, or snap an impromptu photo when you're feeling pretty.  Either way, anything goes, as long as you-love-YOU. ^_^  

If you like, you can also include a placard (i.e. something written on a piece of paper or cardboard, posterboard, etc.) w/a statement telling people how you feel, declaring something you believe in, or a message you want people to hear/learn/understand.  Just show the world who YOU are and why you love BEING who you are, and you're good.  The form is entirely your decision. ^_^  Folks don't need any fancy hair, makeup, or clothes (although yes, please have -some- clothes upon thy bod, as thiese should be PG-PG13), or people can do it up in a $6,000 outfit w/a team of stylists and strut their stuff down down a runway. ^_^  Either way, what's important is loving who you -are.- :)

Once you've snapped your photo, just me w/your pics, and they'll become a part of a 2D & moving collage. ^_^  One still version will be used online, & the other made into a slide movie, and will ultimately be shared on YouTube.  (-W/carefully moderated comments, of course. ;))

If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line. Or, if you want to read more, you can find the original post about my initial idea at here. :)   (Moreover, for proof that I'm a real person and not just some weirdo, you can find a bit of my art here. :))

Oh! Plus we also have a little group on FB, in case anyone needs help, ideas, wants to query me about anything directly, or would like some  general group support.  (It's in no way mandatory to participation in the project though.)  Just click the link above, and hit Apply/Join to join. :)  (I've got it set to a Private Group, so no trollers or nasties can come n' invade our safe space.)

Lastly, thanks so much for reading through all this. :)  I know it's a lot, but my hope is that it'll inspire people of ALL sizes who see it to live their lives for today, to realize that being a good person & loving life is NOT about ANY number on a scale, how much mass or volume someone has around their middle, or what their jeans size is.   Life is too short to go through it hating oneself- no matter -what- size you may be.  So let's show the world how beautiful we are, and inspire people of EVERY size to love themselves! ^_^


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