Thursday, November 11, 2010

Instead of Just Arbitrarily Making Stuff...

I'd like to know what YOU want for your Winter Holiday this year! :D

What kinds of art, beaded jewelry, polymer clay, felt creations, or other crafty concoctions would people like to see for the holidays?

Maybe a gaunt & grinning goblin, masquerading as old Saint Nick..? Or a faerie gala, gleefully gathered 'round a bountiful feast perhaps? ..Something delightful yet ghoulish, with everything from veggies to sundry severed parts covering the table; like the remains of fool-hardy humans, wild woolly wildebeests, and fickle, feathered foul..? Hmm...

What do YOU seek to give or receive over the holidays..??

Yours Always in Love and Light,
Renae M.

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