Thursday, August 23, 2012

New Pics, and AV's First Contest!

Guess what?  I have a TON of new pics; featuring some gloriously gruesome goodies (that were made for a faux vlog character I'm working on), over on FB! ^_^  And since Halloween is coming (and there are SO many photos to choose from), I thought it might be fun to take all of the above factors.. and roll 'em up into Alternate Visions's first official contest! :D

To enter, just reply to this message with a link to your favorite photo(s) (amongst the claw, tooth and finger photos over on Facebook- in the new Nanny Ogg photo album), and tell me what kind of grisly goodie you'd like, should you win. Whomever picks the winning photo will get their own specially-made tooth, finger or toe, created just for them by AV- FOR FREE! (And yep, that includes postage!) :D

If you're not sure how, (given FB's new formats and all the add-ons that people are using nowadays to undo them), just right click on the image and hit "Copy Image URL," if you're in Chrome.  If you use IE, right click, hit Properties, and right-click Copy the link there.  And if you use Mozilla, I thiiiink you can right click and save URLs in the same way as Chrome. :)

Now, let's hear which images are your favorites, and what kind of goodie (color, shape, etc.) finger, toe or tooth you'd like, should you win!  I can't wait to see what y'all come up with! ^_^
The contest will end on September 1st (just four days before me birffday! :D), so enter now, n' let me hear YOUR booful voice. ^_^


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