Thursday, September 6, 2012

Spooky AND Bellydance-Inspired; Wahoo!!

In working on a reminder post for my Tumblog's Creepie Compendium (a listing of all Hallowe'en & Samhain-themed bellydance events coming up in October), I realized I needed a new image to catch peoples' eyes. ('Cause unfortunately, it doesn't seem many Tumblrs pay much attention to text-only entries.)

So, not wanting to steal someone else's art, I decided to try n' find my old pic for an event I used to put on, called the DC Zombie Lurch. Years ago (when I'd just started getting bitten by the bellydance bug), I made a Lurch "poster" that was VERY spooky and bellydancy, so it was right perfect for this blog. :)

But when I found it, it needed a little.. something...
So last night, after a little color correction and some playing about w/my only photo manipulating program (Windows Live Photo Gallery), I made this. :) Mehopes you enjoy, and if you ever want me to do a pic of (or for) you, let me know! I'd really like to start working w/paid commissions. :)


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